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Welcome, and thank you for visiting my little art corner of Interweb (wait, how did you even find this page?). Here you will find the products of me wasting my time in the form of comics, paintings and whatever else I happen to come up with.
Feedback is welcome and very appreciated, but not mandatory.
A brand new up-to-date (and better written) page on the history and main characters of Welcome to New Caelum. This is more or less a completed version, though I will add sections if inquired and answer questions (to an extent: no spoilers!). Please enjoy. :) (Smile) 

New Caelum (sail-um)
Meaning: "New Sky"
A giant avian city built upon a massive rock floating in the sky, located over the western region of the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Origins: The exact origins of the unique floating structure is unknown, but it's been suggested a large volcanic eruption (or a series of eruptions) was a major factor, due to the presence of large quantities of obsidian, pumice, and lodestone in the soil. It became a city when the great Caelius Duskwing, a Golden Eagle, discovered and settled the barren rock with few friends a millennia ago. 

Present: The city is home to around six million birds of many species, living together in peace free of many wild interactions. During the summer the population drops to around four million, as many birds leave to migrate north to North America or overseas to Africa and Eurasia.

The city centre and downtown is considerably older than the surrounding areas. Many ancient structures can be found there, as well as densely packed skyscrapers. The rest is suburban, commercial, or residential with low buildings of more modern shapes and styles (birdhouse, tree, dome, etc). Many temporary residents live in these 'bird box' homes. 

Some food is grown in the city, however most is imported from the surface. Thousands of seabirds are employed to fish the surrounding waters, while birds of other species gather insects, fruit and seeds. 

Culture: NC is very diverse in its culture as a result of the diversity of species that inhabit it. As many birds are seasonal residents, the mass migration that occurs in spring and fall are recognized as holidays. Emphasis is placed on the city's rich history and origins: most festivals commemorate these types of events. 

Weather: NC experiences humid, mild tropical weather. Rain is common, usually occurring in short sporadic showers. (rain may form at city level, sometimes giving the illusion of rain drops appearing in mid air rather than falling from the sky) Extreme weather events are lessened in intensity thanks to the city's ability to drift. 
Snowfall occurs rarely, usually when the city drifts into the northern areas of its 'range' during the winter months (once every few years on average). 

Notable Families/Birds:

The Skywings: 

Founding member: Aelius Skywing 
The Skywings are responsible for the formation of the Knights, the peacekeepers of the New Caelum; dedicated to keeping order and protecting the city and its inhabitants. Recruit undergo years of vigorous training and education at the Knight Academy. The members of the Knights mainly consist almost entirely of birds-of-prey for their strength, speed, agility, and noble image. Present chief is Xzzar Skywing. 
The Skywing ideology focuses on order and law; that it is of upmost importance to keep an organized civilization of many species peaceful and safe. They have imposed rules to make many wild behaviours strictly forbidden, even illegal and severely punishable. Illegal acts are rarely thought as the result of unfortunate events or desperation, but deliberate disobedience, rebellion, or corrupt thinking. (Some civilians take this mentality to the extreme, believing (ironically) that carnivores should be expelled, as in nature, they pose a danger to songbirds.)

The Silverwings:
Founding member: Felix Silverwing
Creators of Caelum's currency; medallions, and the city's original bankers and economists. Recently (within the past century), they were forced out of the business, causing them to turn to illegal forms of income. The offshoots of this event have become a major black market, forming multiple gangs that ravage downtown. To many, the Silverwing name has be tainted with greed, crime, and violence. 
Those who support Silverwing presently are largely those in the crime ring, specifically those who work for Edge. Consequentially, this has turned Skywing and Silverwing (and their supporters) against each other in cutthroat conflict. The original ideologies of Felix are known by very few.
Expert money managers, trades birds, and negotiators, they created manageable and sustainable ways of importing goods and maintaining finances within the city despite no other external locations for trade. This expertise carried over into the black market, preventing the Knights from shutting the crime ring down successfully.

The Duskwings: 
Founding member: Caelius Duskwing
The original (and first) rulers of New Caelum. Unfortunately, their descendants and lineage no longer exist, but their influence can be seen nearly everything, from politics and culture to architecture and education systems. 
It is originally thought that Caelius established the city as a haven from the growing human population. Others suggest he was inspired by humans to create of his own. Whatever his reason, Caelius worked alongside his friends Aelius and Felix, incorporating their ideas and hard work into what would become avian civilization that is Caelum. Some of the buildings of the city's first years still stand and still function their original purpose, including the Knight Barracks and the Knight Academy.

Notable Structures:

The Palace: 
An impossible to miss landmark, this structure stands a few times higher than the tallest skyscraper. It features white feather shaped pillars in a oval formation, a symbolic nest housing the current royal family. The palace is only about 400 years old, replaced as central icon when the technology became available to build the impressive structure. 

The Underground: New Caelums high security prison built in the heart of the rock itself. The prison is a giant maze of tunnel systems, intertwining with sewer, water and rumoured forgotten passageways, making it difficult to navigate. 

(The) Studio/Shop: Splatter's term for her shop/home.

Surface: The habitat of wild birds (forests, prairie, oceans, human cities etc). 
Surfacer: Slang for a wild bird. Often used describe/insult an uncivilized individual. 


Forrest (Red) 


(disguise resemblance): Eastern/Western Rosella
(actual): Star Falcon

Originally raised in captivity, Forrest is a feral subadult Star Falcon with an unusual shapeshifting trait. If he's not active at night or sleeping in a secluded location, Forrest hides himself in the form of a colourful parakeet to avoid attracting attention. 
He displays telepathic-like capabilities, nocturnal behaviour, and dangerous (and in many cases, predatory) aggression, characteristic traits of his species. His aggression usually comes as either a result of provocation, (sometimes hunger) often gets the better of him, making him unaware of the damage until it's too late. 
Forrest is very protective and loyal to those he considers friends. (His only known friend is Sky) He is generally reserved, preferring a quiet environment with little social interaction. Those who approach him can find his presence intimidating, though he regularly presents himself as either nonchalant or cautiously interested. Forrest is extremely paranoid of who he forms relationships with. He will attempt to distance himself from potential new friends (he many employ frighten tactics in all else fails). 

Skylark (Sky)


(disguise resemblance): Blue Quaker Parrot
(actual): Crested Comet

At first glance, Sky is a shy, skittish bird, though very friendly and thoughtful once she grows comfortable with someone. She is very peaceful in nature, dreading the thought of hurting anyone, regardless of reason. Bursts of confidence from her are uncommon, and it's even more rare to see her extremely angry. She believes in the good nature of strangers, something that many take advantage of. Sky is extremely fearful of needles and cages, and she will panic and stutter if she is singled out in front of a crowd. 
She, like Forrest, is a galactic bird, with the similar ability to keep herself disguised as a parakeet (Her worries lie less on someone discovering this). For most of her life, she has had Forrest as 
her only loyal, caring friend. She would like more friends (and she wants Forrest to lighten up and be more social), but her quiet voice and shy presence seldom gets attention.
Sky loves the cold, often out and about in temperatures that would quickly spell hypothermia for many creatures. She has not fully honed in the natural ice forming ability of Crested Comets, and regularly freezes things by accident, especially as a result of nervousness. 

Zachary (Zak)

 Sun/Golden Conure

A feisty conure teen who has lived in the downtown alleys of Caelum as an orphan for as long as he can remember. He was often in close contact with the unruly gangs of downtown from a young age, (and even tried to join one) including the most dangerous black market leader of all, Edge, and still has unwanted connections to this day. He was pulled out of the loop by Splatter, who he now lives with. He is very grateful for Splatter taking him in, though rarely admits it directly.
Zak is well known for his sarcastic mouth, often getting on others nerves for enjoyment. He regularly ventures into dangerous territory, to aid those threatened by thugs, or simply for curiosity. In spite of his bold actions, he almost always has good intentions, but it regularly lands him on someone's bad side or in a precarious situation. 
While he puts out a lively energy, he equally enjoys a handful of quieter, less dangerous hobbies (more like obsessions), including gaming and frequent trips to arcades. 
Ever since Splatter pulled him out of his crime filled past, he has struggled to kick his kleptomania, retaining several skills of the trade, including pick pocketing, lock picking, and the ability to act convincingly. 

Serene (Splatter)

 Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

Owner of South downtown cafe and art studio "The Painted Lady", Splatter is a hardworking individual, seemingly always on the go, whether it's managing her business or taking care of Zak. On the side, Splatter pursues artistic interests in painting, in which she auctions off to help support her shop. Her busy life doesn't seem to conflict with her inner child, as she manages to find time to play games with Zak and spend evenings conducting research on whatever happens to peak her interest.
As feminine and frivolous as she looks, Splatter proves to be a tough bird, independent, well educated and quick witted, not afraid to sass anyone who gives her attitude. She is always on the look out for others best interests, readily eager to help in anyway she can. 
Splatter intervened on a gang arrest one night, begging Xzzar to give Zak another chance to keep him away from jail time and gang activity. Though Zak rebelled initially, Splatter eventually won him over with kindness and trust. The two have grown very close, more often behaving as siblings than a mother and son, regularly bickering and smack talking each other.

Xzzar Skywing

 Long Crested Eagle

Hard headed, fearless and stubborn, Xzzar's primary focus lies on the safety and protection of New Caelum's citizens. As a Skywing, he inherited the role as Chief of Knights, working very hard and taking it extremely seriously. He seems to make no time in his schedule for a social life (or a sense of humour, for that matter), often staying in office twenty-four seven or until energy drinks fail to keep him awake. 
Xzzar despises anyone who attempts to break or challenge the law, and has no trouble delivering justice to those who he believes deserve it. 
In his personal life, Xzzar maintains a distaste for Splatter and Zak; he caught Zak joining a gang, in which Splatter suddenly intervened and begged him to give the young conure a second chance. At the time, Xzzar and Splatter were friends, but split at Zak's arrest, both believing they were too different to be compatible and the other had problems to work through. Xzzar still believes Zak should be serving his time, (and regularly keeps tabs on Zak in case something happens) even though Splatter promised to keep him clean of that lifestyle.


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